A passion for interior design and colour

A glimpse in the home of @lieks_home

Look inside

With over 35,000 Instagram followers, Angelique’s house – better known as @lieks_home – is one of the best-known colourful homes in the Netherlands. The Artiteq Click Rail hanging system has adorned the walls of her townhouse in the province of Brabant for a few years now. And the Helmond-based interior and colour aficionado is more than happy with the system

Passion for interior design

A quick introduction: Angelique Plakmeijer is 38 years old and lives with her husband Sander and their children Kiki-Roos (6) and Kasper (2) in a cosy home in Helmond. One half of the week she works as a buyer at a stainless steel wholesaler. When she isn’t at work, Angelique spends quite a lot of time on her Instagram account and blog, where she inspires other people with her interior design ideas.

Angelique: “I’ve always loved interior design, I’m really passionate about it. As a teenager, when I was living with my parents, I was already buying fun accessories at the Xenos store which I styled my room with. When I was 19, I left home and moved into my first place: a small ground floor apartment. I loved that of course! I could finally go a bit crazy with furnishing and decorating.”

An Instagram hit

Creating an Instagram account was therefore a logical step for Angelique eight years ago: “At that time, Instagram was increasing in popularity and I immediately fell in love with the app, especially because of the interior design inspiration I found there. Not long afterwards, I started taking photos of my house and sharing them.”

When her relationship ended and she had to move out of the house, Angelique decided to paint one wall in her new apartment in a bright colour: “I wanted a colour that would cheer me up every time I looked at it. So I painted a wall in my living room bright yellow. That was an immediate hit on Instagram. This even led to me appearing in a magazine, with a lovely glimpse inside my home.”

Don’t be afraid of Mix & Match colours

Angelique and her family now live in a townhouse in Helmond. What does she want to show her 35,000+ Instagram followers? “I mainly want to show them that you can do a lot with your interior, even if you don’t have much space. We really don’t have a large house. I hope that I can convince people that they mustn’t be afraid to use colour and create unique combinations, even if they have a small home.”

Mix & match

Angelique loves mixing prints, colour and patterns: “My style is colourful. The foundation is neutral, we do have quite a few white walls and our kitchen is light. But I then add lots of colour. For example, we have covered one wall in every room of our house with colourful wallpaper. Not only does this make the room cosy, but you really make a statement with wallpaper. I also like to combine modern furniture with unique items from charity shops“.

Something different every month

As a fan of interior design, Angelique loves change: “Something changes in our home every month. I might, for example, slide a cabinet from the left of the sofa to the right, and I would then move the wall decorations at the same time.” Her desire to be able to change the interior frequently was why Angelique installed the Artiteq Click Rail system.

“My husband didn’t want to have to constantly drill holes in the walls when I wanted to change something. This system allows me to hang what I want, where I want. We started with one long wall in the living room, but now we also have rails in the bedrooms and kitchen.”

Her husband, Sander, was responsible for installing the Click Rails. “I say this with lots of love, but my husband isn’t the world’s best handyman. He isn’t particularly practical!! But I didn’t hear him screaming and cursing during installation, so he can’t have found it very difficult. And I’ll tell you this – if he can do it, anyone can!”

Plants & woven wall hangings on the walls

Angelique uses the rails, of course, to hang pictures and photo frames, but these definitely aren’t the only things that adorn her walls. “I enjoy creating collages with a lovely mixture of frames hanging together. But I also like to hang, for example, pots with plants on the wall. We recently put herbs in the Artiteq Botaniq hanging plant pots and hung them in the kitchen, they looked gorgeous. I also weave wall hangings, which we then hang using Artiteq’s practical twister hooks. And at Christmas I hang homemade paper stars on the walls.”

You really can hang anything

Angelique says that wall decorations can be changed easily and quickly.
“I have containers where I keep the rail accessories both upstairs and downstairs, so that I always have everything I need to hand. This makes the whole process very fast. For example, I recently framed a homemade diamond painting. I just got a perlon wire and a hook, pulled my chair over to the wall, clicked the wire into the rails and the frame was in place just a couple of minutes later. It’s so simple – all you have to think about is which accessory to use.”

Angelique is very happy with the Click Rails in her home: “It’s so nice – you can hang anything using the system. There’s a solution for every type of wall decoration! There are even suitable accessories for canvases with wooden or steel frames. I often recommend the Click Rail hanging system to other people. In fact, my mother has now bought the same rail system and hung it in her house!”

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