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How high do you hang a picture?

What is the ideal height for a painting or frame on the wall?

Tips & inspiration

Hanging a painting or other wall decorations on the wall can sometimes be tricky, especially determining the right height. We have listed some tips for the height of a painting above the table, above the sofa and even above the bed. However, the height depends on several factors such as ceiling height, size of wall decoration and the furniture in the room. We recommend always starting from your own feeling. Big advantage with a wall decoration hanging on a picture hanging system is that you can easily and flexibly adjust in height and even place on the rail! With a picture hanging system you can always try and see for yourself what is best in your space.


The rule of thumb for the ideal height to hang a painting at home is 145 cm. You measure this height from the ground to the center of the painting.  However, this does not have to be a fixed rule of thumb. At home a painting will often hang lower than, for example, in a museum where paintings usually hang at eye level or even higher. After all, this is where you walk past. In a home setting this is different and you have to take into account other factors, such as the position from which you look at the painting, the height of the ceiling where the painting hangs and the furniture in the room.


Sitting position
At home, you usually look at a painting on the wall from a seated position, such as from the couch or at the dining table.

Ceiling height
Heights in homes to the ceiling are relatively low compared to, say, art galleries. As a result, larger frames will often hang proportionally higher. In addition, there must also be some distance between the frame and the ceiling.

Furniture and accessories
Usually there is a piece of furniture or an accessory in front of it, such as a sofa, dresser, table, bed, etc. These will influence how high the painting will hang.

Practical matters
A painting can hang nicely above a sofa or table, but if someone’s head hits the painting, it will have to be hung higher.


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How high do you hang a picture above a sofa?

Above the sofa is a popular place to hang a painting. For height, we generally recommend that the bottom of the painting or frame hang 20 – 25 cm above the back of the sofa. This allows the painting to have space and not look cramped. If you choose to want to hang one painting or several paintings/frames together, you want it to be proportional to the sofa. 2/3 the length of the sofa is then a nice size. If you choose a wider painting than the sofa, it can take over the space.

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How high do you hang a picture over a table?

If you want to hang a painting near a table, it is best to keep the height of 145 cm from the floor to the center of the painting. Besides determining the right height, it is also important to consider the relationship between the painting and the table below it. If you want to hang a painting above the long side of the table, it is often nicer to choose a larger painting than on the short side of the table. This creates a better balance.

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How high do you hang a picture over a bed?

Create a peaceful and calm atmosphere in your bedroom with the right wall decoration. To create a balanced look, we recommend that the painting cover about 2/3 of the width of the bed or headboard. This ensures that the painting does not appear overwhelmingly large compared to the rest of your bedroom. Again, it is convenient and advisable to hang the bottom of the painting between 20 and 25 cm above the bed or headboard. If you choose several paintings or frames together, leave about 5 to 15 cm space between each painting/frame. This will show them off well and they will not be crammed too closely together.

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Hanging a picture by feeling

We recommend always going by your own feelings when it comes to hanging a painting or other wall decorations in your home. The above advice is based on generalities. Your taste may be different. Also, the layout of the room may make a different height look nicer. Therefore, experiment with different positions and see what you like best. This is certainly ideal with a picture hanging system.

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