Myrthe Boelen


“Along with my colleague Laurianne we are responsible for ensuring that Artiteq’s marketing department continues to evolve. We conceive, create and execute fun and successful marketing campaigns. I write and design, for example, all kinds of content for our online and offline channels. Every day I use Adobe programs, such as Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator, to support this process! For example, I created this “our team” page which allows us all to introduce ourselves. Or perhaps you’ve already read one of my blogs?”

The coolest thing about my work?
Being able to think creatively every day, coming up with new things and then implementing these ideas. But ultimately, what I love most are the positive reactions that we receive to the things that we create! That always gives an extra positive boost.

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Phone:           +31 (0)13 572 90 70

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