Louise Kroot

Finance Department

“At Artiteq I am responsible for accounting and human resources. I work with figures every day and make sure that our accounts are always up to date. I stay in touch with our debtors about the payment of outstanding invoices and every week I inform our creditors about the payment of their invoices. I am also the contact person for our insurance company and our accountant/payroll administration.”

What I enjoy most about my work?

I work on different things throughout the day in relation to both internal and external matters. One minute I’m on the phone to a debtor about an invoice and the next I’m arranging something relating to the human resources side of my work. Because of this, colleagues regularly come to me with questions. This means that I have many short but also many nice instances of interaction with all of my colleagues within our company!

Please feel free to contact me:

Phone:          +31 (0)13 572 90 70
E-mail:          louise.kroot@artiteq.com