NL accessoires aan de muur in kinderkamer

Decorating your child’s bedroom with these 4 trends

Inspiration for wall accessories!

Tips & inspiration

A child’s room, not just a space to sleep, but also a place where your child plays. Themselves, but also where friends are brought along. It’s a personal spot where your child feels entirely comfortable and at ease, a place to relax. When it comes to decorating children’s rooms, there are always many trends each year in terms of colors, themes, and accessories.

In this blog, we showcase 4 beautiful interior trends and how you can apply them to create an awesome setup for your child’s bedroom! Create a cozy space for your child this way.

Trend 1: accessories in earth tones

In today’s world, children have so many stimuli to process. That’s why creating a sense of calm in the bedroom is extra important. Shades from nature like gray, beige, brown, or terracotta inherently have a calming and familiar effect. They exude a warm and pleasant atmosphere, which can have a positive impact on your child(ren). Don’t be afraid that using earth tones in the child’s room will make it a bit dull. You can actually combine a variety of contrasting colors, such as blue, green, russet, and ochre. All of these fall under earth tones.

Hang accessories in earth tones:

♡  Posters in frames
♡  Wall tapestries
♡  Decorative fabric garlands
♡  Small fabric decorations

NL decoratie slinger met aardetinten in kinderkamer aan de muur
NL wandkleed met aardetinten in kinderkamer aan de muur

Trend 2: accessories made of natural materials

Accessories made from natural materials give your child’s bedroom a warm and tranquil ambiance. You can hang accessories made from materials like jute, rattan, webbing, and wood. Mixing and matching all these natural materials is a fantastic idea, creating a unique and special atmosphere.

Hang accessories made of natural materials:

♡  Wooden wall coat rack
♡  Jute wall tapestry with figures
♡  Hanging rack, e.g. in shape of a rainbow
♡  Figures made from wook and reed
♡  Decorative bamboo wreath

NL wandkapstok aan click rail in kinderkamer
NL accessoires van riet en bamboe aan click rail in kinderkamer

Trend 3: accessories with jungle theme

The jungle theme continues to be a popular trend, even this year. Create a cool room for your child by using wild animals like lions, elephants, giraffes, or monkeys. Turn it into a true animal kingdom! Moreover, it’s also educational as they get to learn about different wild animals. When it comes to accessories, you have countless options.

Hang accessories of wild animals:

♡  Frames with animal posters
♡  Animal heads made from fabric or other materials
♡  Hang a stuffed animal in a basket

NL jungle thema in kinderkamer met lijsten met dieren aan de muur
NL jungle thema op kinderkamer met lijsten en knuffels aan de muur

Trend 4: botanical accessories

This year, you’ll see many botanical prints in children’s rooms. Think of beautiful floral wallpaper. Apart from wallpaper, you can apply the botanical look in a different way in the child’s room, by hanging plants on the wall. This not only creates a beautiful and cozy atmosphere in the room but also a soothing one. Having plants in the child’s room can help them relax, contributing to a good night’s sleep.

Use accessories to hang plants:

♡  Use baskets to hang a plant
♡  Hang the plants using our Botaniq Hanging flower pot
♡  Use small pots to hold plants

NL plant in rieten mand op kinderkamer aan de muur
NL plantjes in bloempotten aan de muur op kinderkamer

Getting started at home

You don’t have to stick to just one trend when decorating the bedroom; you can naturally combine all four trends beautifully. Mix and match different trends and create a truly unique bedroom for your child. Did you know that all the accessories in the aforementioned examples and photos are hung using an Artiteq picture hanging system? Thanks to a wide range of accessories for the rail system, it’s possible to furnish your child’s room. And be flexible while doing so.