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Bring nature into your home

3 great tips for more green in your interior

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Houseplants, nowadays there’s simply no avoiding them. You see them everywhere: at the office, in restaurants, your favourite coffee shop, in people’s homes, all over the place! Apart from the fact that plants look great in homes and interiors, it has been proven that houseplants have a positive effect on our health. Did you know that plants purify the air and improve the air quality in your home? Plants also increase air humidity, absorb CO2 and convert it back into oxygen. This has a calming effect, because this will make you feel relaxed and at ease. Especially now that we are all spending a lot of time at home during the Corona pandemic, we benefit greatly from this. Greenery within the home is therefore not only hot for your interior! Would you like to join in with the current plant trends? Read on to find out how, for example, you can combine plants to create your own Urban Jungle in your home!

#1 Urban Jungle

The Urban Jungle Trend is an enduring home décor trend which has arisen from the botanical interior trend. The Urban Jungle is all about plants, plants and even more plants! The more plants in your home, the better. Transform your house into a beautiful Urban Jungle, where plants are the focal point of your living room. Combine these with many different shades of green. For example, combine your plants with a green wall, Urban Jungle (photo) wallpaper, natural materials, but these can also be blended with plant prints on accessories, such as decorative cushions.

How do you arrange your plants? Besides grouping several plants together on a cabinet or on different stools, it is also very nice to hang the plants. Create in this way a plant corner. Thanks to the Artiteq painting suspension system, you ensure that your plants hang neatly on the wall and, big advantage, you are flexible in where and how high you hang them.

NL groene urban jungle kamer

#2 Natural elements

Through this trend, bring nature into your home with different natural elements. Create your own mini-jungle by arranging different plant types. Then combine these with warm colours, rounded shapes and natural materials, such as wood, bamboo, cane, rattan, reed, stone, leather, wool or rope, to name but a few.

With this trend, not only do you create a pleasant atmosphere, it also gives you a certain feeling of tranquillity, in the same way that nature does. It is also sustainable! That’s because this trend isn’t only about the use of natural materials, but also about recycling materials that you bring into your home.

#3 Botaniq hanging flowerpot

Bring nature into your home, thereby creating a pleasant, relaxed and healthy physical environment with our new Botaniq hanging flowerpot. This enables you to hang your plants from your walls, without damaging them, in a safe and flexible way. Mix and match different plants in our Botaniq hanging flowerpot.

Of course, hanging your plants doesn’t mean you can’t also dot them around your room too. It’s nice to combine different options and, in this way, create diversity in your home! And you can do this anywhere in your house! The living room, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom are all ideal places.

The Botaniq hanging flowerpot should be used in combination with our picture hanging rail.

What are the benefits of this system:

✔ User-friendly due to the once-only mounting
✔ Multifunctional through the many possibilities of wall decorations
✔ Flexible, allowing you to easily and quickly hang wall decorations
✔ Flush against the ceiling by mounting the rail to the wall against the ceiling

NL roze wand woonkamer

Different hanging options for hanging plants on your wall

In addition to the Botaniq hanging flowerpot, we have two other options for hanging your plants. Take a look at our ambient photos, with different options to inspire you when creating your own plant corner.

The Loop Maker is a small, but useful accessory which replaces the hook. In just a few steps, you can easily and quickly create a loop on which you can hang your plant pots. Easily adjust your plant pots to the required height.

The Twister Hook replaces a hanging wire and hook completely. It can easily be clicked on the rail and it is simple to move your plant pots around.