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Create an energy-filled office (at home) for after the vacations

Tips & inspiration

The end of summer is in sight and that means it’s time to return to the office after a well-deserved vacation. Returning to your workplace can sometimes be a bit difficult, but with the right decor and inspiration, you can ensure that your (home) office becomes a place that energizes you. In this blog post, we share several solutions and ideas to energize your office, home or otherwise, with an Artiteq picture hanging system as a basis.

1. Organize your workspace and create inspiration

A tidy workplace creates peace and order. Especially for office and home workplaces, there are flexible and convenient solutions that help you organize your walls. Start by tidying up your desk and removing all unnecessary items. A neat workplace promotes concentration and productivity.

A workspace is supposed to inspire, so add elements that motivate you. For example, hang a bulletin board or use the Picture Mouse (magnetic wire) where you can post pictures, quotes or inspirational images. Or invest in a whiteboard where you can sketch out ideas or jot down important tasks. With the special whiteboard set, a whiteboard is hung neatly and securely on the Artiteq picture hanging systems.

NL thuiswerkplek lijsten ophangen
NL thuiswerkplek rond grijs prikbord

2. Colour and plants

Color affects our moods, so choose colors that give energy such as yellow or orange. Add plants to your office space to improve air quality and create a fresh atmosphere. Plants have also proven to reduce stress. With the Botaniq hanging flower pot or by using the Loop Maker, plants are easy to hang on the wall in combination with the Artiteq picture hanging systems.

NL werkruimte planten en lijsten aan muur

3. Personalize your workplace

Make your office a place where you feel at home by adding personal elements such as photos, souvenirs or works of art that inspire you. A personal touch makes working more enjoyable and gives a sense of ownership. A workplace adapted to personal tastes and needs can boost motivation and creativity. An inspiring and pleasant environment can open the mind to new ideas and solutions. Thereby, a workplace arranged according to your own preferences increases productivity. One often works more efficiently and concentrated when they feel comfortable in their environment.

The Picture Mouse makes it easy to hang up personal family or vacation photos thanks to its magnetic function.

4. Noise Control

A quiet work environment promotes concentration. Make use of soundproofing materials such as carpets, curtains or acoustic panels to reduce distracting sounds. All of these can help you focus better and increase concentration.