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Are you a lover of art? Do you like to change your artwork regularly and give your interior a new look? Then we have good news for you! In this blog post, we introduce to you a nice selection of artists who create beautiful paintings and artwork. And best of all? With Artiteq’s flexible picture hanging system, you preserve the beauty of your walls, without holes or damage, and you are flexible in where you want to hang what, at what height and in what place. It is easy to hang and move on the rail. Whether you’re looking for something small for on the wall or a larger statement piece, you’ve come to the right place with these artists!

Colourful art – Neeltje Schilleman

What once began as painting as a therapeutic basis has developed into a serious activity. And we may say – into beautiful colorful works of art! Neeltje loves working with brushes and different colors of paint. And in those colors lies her talent: they are the colors that make you happy, that keep you looking and that give you energy. Sparkling and unique, no two works are the same. That is what makes her artworks so special. Neeltje Schilleman’s style is best described as ‘pop art’ with a realistic twist.

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Art to connect with – Esther Gemser

With her own gallery and studio space at home, a long-cherished dream of Esther Gemser comes true. Her goal is to use art to share balance and beauty with the viewer. To experience the piece of happiness in the here and now and create a sense of connection. She certainly succeeds in doing so. The unique paintings in a variety of sizes with raw pigments, intense colors and smooth transitions transform your space. This young talented artist with a love of color creates breathtaking paintings with passion and skill. A new collection is therefore sold out in no time..

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Illustrations with a touch of pink – Marloes de Vries

Illustrator Marloes de Vries not only makes beautiful illustrations, but also works of art in which there is always a hint of pink. She gets her inspiration from Ireland and Scotland, two destinations she returns to again and again to get new ideas. With her artwork, she brings color and cheer to any space.

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No compromises

With this selection of artists, you have enough inspiration to transform your walls with beautiful handmade artwork. But how do you hang all this art without leaving holes in the wall or damage? This is where Artiteq’s painting hanging system comes in handy.

The Artiteq painting hanging system is designed to provide flexibility and convenience when hanging and moving artworks. The system consists of a rail that can be easily attached to the wall. Then you can use special transparent hanging wires that, in combination with the hanging hooks, ensure that the artwork is safely hung on the wall. This way you can effortlessly hang and reposition your artworks without any hassle.

Thanks to the Artiteq painting hanging system, you no longer have to compromise when it comes to decorating your walls. You can experiment endlessly with different heights, positions and combinations, giving each room in your home a personal touch. Plus, this system prevents damage to the walls, so you don’t have to worry about unsightly holes or damage.

So, if you are looking for a way to express your love for art while keeping your walls beautiful and undamaged, choose the beautiful handmade artworks by Neelte Schillemans, Esther Gemser, Marloes de Vries and combine them with Artiteq’s innovative painting hanging system. Your interior will never be the same again!