EN herbs in a hanging flowerpot on the kitchen wall

5x decoration ideas for on you kitchen wall

Create a cozy and functional wall!

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A kitchen is, of course, a space whose main purpose is to cook. Although nowadays it has also become a place where people like to get together. That’s why it’s extra nice to cook or get together in a space that is fun and cozy! In this blog we share 5 ideas to decorate your kitchen walls in a creative way using our picture hanging systems and matching accessories. Besides creating atmosphere and coziness, some ideas also have a practical function while cooking.

To decorate your kitchen wall in a surprising and dynamic way, you can use a picture hanging system. A picture hanging system, such as the Click Rail, is a flexible rail system that is mounted once on the wall. Besides paintings and frames, there are some accessories to attach to the rail system to decorate your kitchen wall nicely. Below we give you 3 fun tips.

1. Botaniq hanging flowerpot

With the Botaniq hanging flower pot, you not only create a nice look, but also add greenery to your kitchen. Hang several Botaniq hanging flower pots next to each other for a playful effect. Fill them with flowers or plants, or use them as herb pots from which you can pick fresh herbs while cooking. This way your kitchen will not only look nice, but you will always have the necessary ingredients within reach!

NL botaniq hangbloempot aan keukenmuur
EN flowerpot with herbs on the kitchen wall

2. Plate Hanger

If you go more for decoration than functionality, you can use a Plate Hanger. This handy accessory allows you to hang beautiful decorative signs on the wall. Choose signs with a unique design or go for a collection of different signs in different sizes. By hanging plates you instantly create an artistic look in your kitchen.

3. Picture Mouse

Want to personalize your kitchen wall? With the Picture Mouse you can hang cards, photos and other memories on your wall in an original and playful way. Hang them by means of small magnets on the magnetic cord that you can attach at any desired location in the rail. This way you can regularly change and add new memories. It is a fun way to fill your kitchen wall with beautiful moments and sources of inspiration.

EN decorative plates on kitchen wall
EN cards on the kitchen wall to the picture mouse

Don’t you have a picture hanging system, the possibility to attach it to your wall or is the wall where you wish to hang something just low? Below we give you 2 tips on which system to use.

4. Info Rail

Would you like to hang photos, cards, drawings or recipes on your wall? Then the Info Rail is ideal for you! Easily slide the materials in and out of the rail, making it easy to replace them with something new. This gives you the freedom to regularly vary and create a new atmosphere in your kitchen. The Info Rail is mounted directly to the wall using clips.

5. Card Rail

Do you have less space in your kitchen? Use the Card Rail to make practical use of narrow wall spaces. This vertical presentation system takes up little space and can be cut to size. On both sides of the rail you can slide photos and favorite recipes, for example. You can also use small magnets to hang the recipes or photos on the magnetic front of the strip. This way you make optimal use of the available space in your kitchen.

Both the Info Rail and the Card Rail are easy to mount on the wall and can be cut to size to fit any wall.

NL foto's en tekeningen aan de keukenmuur

With these 5 decoration ideas, you can transform your kitchen wall into a true eye-catcher. Whether you go for green with hanging flower pots, an artistic look with plate hangers, a personal touch with Picture Mouse or instead make practical use of Info Rail and Card Rail, there is something for everyone. So get to work and create a kitchen where cooking is not only functional, but also becomes a party!