Paastak met paaseieren als ornament

3 decorative ideas for Easter

Three creative ways to decorate your wall for Easter brunch with Artiteq!

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It’s almost Easter time again! A time of invigorating spring scents, vibrant colours and renewed hope, marks one of the most beloved celebrations in many cultures around the world. It is a season when nature awakens from its winter slumber and new life sprouts. But more importantly, it is a time of reflection connecting and celebrating the human spirit. Easter is a time of family gatherings, painting and hiding eggs and feasting on scrumptious treats like chocolate bunnies and warm cross buns.

Easter brunch is a perfect time to bring friends and family together and enjoy delicious food. But why limit the revelry to the dining table? With Artiteq’s picture hanging systems, you can also transform your wall into a cheerful Easter decor. In this blog, we discuss three creative ways to decorate your wall for Easter brunch:

1. Easter branches: a natural ambience

Create a rustic and charming atmosphere by hanging an Easter tree made of branches on the wall. Use the Loop Maker to hang the Easter branches securely a picture hanging system, such as  Click Rail. Decorate the branches with Easter eggs, paper flowers and colourful ribbons. You can also hang small Easter decorations on the branches. The result is a beautiful Easter tree that will be a real eye-catcher at your Easter brunch.

Paastakken aan een muur met licht panterprint behang
witte bank met paas sierkussen en een paastak aan de muur

2. Easter photo collage: sharing memories

Make your Easter brunch even more personal by creating a photo collage on the wall. Choose photos of fun memories you have with your guests. Use the Card Rail to display your favourite photos. Complement your photos with cute little Easter cards or polaroids. Add a personal touch to each photo by adding a short note or reminder that makes Easter celebrations special for you and for your guests!

Card Rail van Artiteq met foto's aan een feestelijke muur
NL Card Rail van Artiteq in een hal

3. Floral wall arrangement: fresh and elegant

Easter represents the beginning of spring. Bring Easter and spring inside with a floral wall arrangement on the wall. Use the Loop Maker to hang cute little vases with tulips on the wall or choose the Botaniq hanging flower pot to create your vertical garden. Add fun details in the colours of the flowers, such as a cute cake etagere, or a pretty painting that matches the flowers. Complete the space with colourful ribbons and green leaves to create a fresh and elegant look perfect for Easter brunch.

Bruine keuken met Botaniq van Artiteq met hangplanten aan de muur
Tulpen op de voorgrond met Botaniq hangplanten
bloemenprint met hangbloempotjes met roze tulpen

Artiteq’s picture hanging systems are a creative and versatile way to decorate your wall for Easter brunch. Whether you opt for a natural Easter tree, a personalised photo collage or a floral wall hanging, these ideas are sure to add to the festive atmosphere of your Easter celebration. Let’s celebrate this Easter with a heart full of joy and gratitude, with a spirit full of hope and renewal. Let us embrace the splendour of spring, cherish the warmth of community and embrace the promise of new beginnings. For in this enchanting time of year, there is always room for joy, love and wonder. Happy Easter!

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