The light home

A glimpse inside Suzan's light home

Look inside

30-year-old Suzan van den Beldt is a primary school teacher. She lives with her boyfriend, Michel, in beautiful Den Helder and is expecting their first child. Suzan and her boyfriend are currently renovating their new home.

Classic cornices

Suzan’s interior style is light and Scandinavian. “Our current house has white floors and numerous light elements. I love that:
lots of white with some solid elements here and there,” she explains. “I like to add warmth to all that white with textiles. For example, with woollen or crocheted throws, cushions or plaids.”

The living room of her house in Den Helder has classic ceiling cornices. When she had her kitchen plastered in 2016, Suzan
also wanted beautiful coving in the kitchen. “The Deco Rail is a useful picture hanging system with beautiful coving in front of it. The hanging system is therefore invisible. It really is two-in one. In terms of its design, the Deco Rail is slightly different to the ceiling profiles in the remainder of our house, but it fits in very well.”

Utilising the entire wall

The Deco Rail hangs throughout the kitchen. “Above our kitchen sink and the breakfast bar, we have fitted a rail beneath the
cornice,” says Suzan. “The other walls just have the cornice without rails beneath it. This has really brought the whole look together.”

Mounting the frames was quite a quick job. “My father and boyfriend hung up everything in just one evening,” Suzan remembers.
“I think the nicest thing about the system is that, if you wish to hang something, you are not forced to hang it in a specific place on the wall. You can utilise the entire wall. From left to right and from the top to the bottom.”

Easy to adjust the height

“For example, I hung plates on a wall in the kitchen using Artiteq’s useful plate hangers,” she adds. “You can simply hang one
plate a little lower than the other. By twisting the hanging hook, you can easily adjust the height. If you wish to hang something else later on, you can easily change the position and the height.”

Suzan loves the fact that she never again has to think about how she is going to hang something in the kitchen. “I do face that challenge in other corners of the house, but I can hang almost anything using this system. Exactly where I want to, without having to drill holes.”

New house, new hanging system

She has decorated the house where she and her boyfriend live entirely to her own taste. “Right now we are busy renovating our new house,” she says. “We still have to give some thought to the interior style, because we want to combine our tastes. I think we’re going to add some more solid and wooden elements. And green, we both love that colour.”

And would she also like a hanging system in her new house? “We are still at the DIY stage, so the big jobs have to be completed
first,” she laughs. “But after that, yes, I think so. Not necessarily throughout the house, but we would like the system,
for example, in the living room, the bedroom and kitchen. I don’t think that the beautiful cornices that we have here
fit in with the styleof our new house, so I suspect we’ll opt for the separate Click Rail. Fortunately we can also paint
that in the same colouras the new walls, which is extremely useful!”