Classic Rail+

Artiteq Classic Rail+ modern interior

Classic Rail+ – robust hanging system for heavy decorations

Artiteq Classic Rail+

Hang art on the wall

The Classic Rail+ is a picture hanging system for walls that has been specially developed for hanging heavier pictures and wall decorations (up to 100 kg). This hanging system is often used in galleries, at exhibitions and in museums. The hanging rail (9 mm x 20 mm) has an open, J-shaped design that makes it possible to hang a variety of rods equipped with rod hooks. This makes it extremely easy to hang or change art on the wall. The Classic Rail+ is available in white and aluminium. A variety of aluminium or steel rods may be used for decorations weighing up to a maximum of 100 kg.

Artiteq Classic Rail+ accessories

Secure picture hanging system

The Classic Rail + makes it possible to hang pictures and wall decorations in a secure manner in rooms where this is required. Thanks to a blocking device, the rod is blocked in the rail and the picture enjoys extra protection when special anti-theft hooks are used on the rod itself.

  • Flexible

    hang and move wall decorations quickly and easily

  • Never drill another hole

    no damaged walls

  • User-friendly

    one-time assembly

  • Multifunctional

    suitable for a variety of wall decorations

  • Strong and reliable

    up to 100 kg/m, 10-year warranty

  • Anti-theft

    option for anti-theft protection

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