The importance of a good display window system

Your product or service in the spotlight at any time of day
NL led paneel etalage vrouw kleurrijk

How a LED display window can help your business stand out

The display window is the first point of contact between your business and potential customers. In a world where first impressions are essential, an effective and eye-catching window display system can make all the difference. This applies to real estate agents, travel agencies, mortgage lenders, among others, where visual appeal and clear information are crucial to attract the attention of passersby. Day and night.

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    Double orientationLandscape & portrait

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    Brightness & life time duration 3000 LUX (A4), 50.000 hours

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    AdjustableEasy adujstable in height

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    DimmableWith Casambi app

Advantages of LED display window screen

A modern display window screen today uses LED panels that offer several advantages over old display windows/window presentation systems. LED panels are energy efficient and durable, which is not only good for the environment, but also for the wallet.

Energy efficient: LED panels use significantly less energy. It is a sustainable choice.
Long lifespan: LED panels are known for their long lifespan, making them an investment that pays for itself.
Efficient: In addition to their low energy consumption, LED display windows offer bright and vivid images that are clearly visible both over and at night.
Practical: The content of what hangs in the display window can be changed in an instant. The LED panels can be provided with information on both sides.
Flexible: The arrangement of the LED panels is self-determined and easy to adjust, for example in height. Thus, an LED panel can be hung horizontally and vertically.

NL ledpaneel etalage vrouw
NL ledpaneel etalage vrouw
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How a LED window presentation system can help your business stand out

Highlighting your product or service at any time of day. You can do just that with an LED display window hanging in your shop window. Whether presenting homes, vacation destinations or financial products; LED panels ensure that your offerings are always visible.

  1. It attracts attention: Bright energy-efficient LED panels with a lifespan of 50,000 hours and 2000 Lux instantly catch the eye of passersby. Something essential on busy shopping streets.
  2. It improves readability: The brightness and quality of the LED panels guarantee that your message is always legible, even on sunny days.
  3. It highlights exclusive offers: Special promotions or exclusive deals can be highlighted to generate extra attention.


So, betting on a high-quality LED display window and system can contribute significantly to the visibility and attractiveness of your real estate, travel or financial services. It is a smart and sustainable investment that not only informs but inspires potential customers to take action.

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