Stand out with Led window display

Window presentation in a new and modern look
NL LED raamdisplay met ledpanelen voor makelaar

The best way to make your display window stand out

Are you struggling to attract the attention of potential customers with your display window? Is your current presentation not eye-catching enough (day and night)? With a dull and unremarkable display window, you run the risk of missing out on potential customers. LED window displays offer the best way to make your product, service or company stand out in your display window. Day and night. Our window displays feature bright and energy-efficient LED panels that are easy to hang and whose contents you can quickly change.

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NL LED raamdisplay met ledpanelen voor makelaar

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Why choose Artiteq Led panels?

At Artiteq we understand that your product or service needs to stand out among others and your display window is your business card to attract more customers. That’s why we offer the solution with our Led window displays.

Our Led panels offer bright lighting, slim design, double sided use, easy height adjustment and combinable with other size Led panels.

The energy efficient and durable Led panels are available in sizes A4, A3, A2 and A1 as well as our special 2xA4 and 3xA4 portait Led panels. The Led panels are easy to combine and hang in one or more columns side by side.

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“This window display system from Artiteq is a showpiece for us. A lot of people walk by here and it’s really nice that our range of houses is also clearly visible at night. The changing offer of houses is also easy to adjust with this system – in no time it is changed. The LED panels have taken our display window to the next level. We are very pleased with the brightness and quality of the LED panels.” said Gerritse Makelaardij.” said Gerritse Makelaardij.

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    Durablelow energy consumption and long service life

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    Flexible led panel can be used horizontally or vertically

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    Practicaleasy content change & height adjustment

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    Double-sidedpresent product separately on front and back

Frequently asked questions

How long do the LED panels last?

The LED panels have a lifespan of 50,000 hours.

How can I hang the LED panels?

For in a display window, the Display It LED FLEX is a practical system. The rail is mounted to the ceiling and then cables are twisted into the rail from which you hang the desired LED panels.

Are the LED panels double sided?

Yes, all LED panels can be used double sided. For single-sided use, a special reflective film is placed on the back to prevent light reflection.

What kind of paper should I use?

The LED panels must use specific transparent paper or foil. Using standard print paper will reduce the brightness and appearance of your content.

How do I adjust the LED panels?

The LED panels are very easy to adjust in height by the cable. Press the small pin, through which the cable passes, on either side of the LED panel to move it either down or up. Check that it hangs level after adjustment. The included cables are 300 cm long.

How bright are the LED panels?

All LED panels are equipped with bright and energy-efficient LED lighting. The brightness of the A1 and A2 size led panels is about 2000 Lux. The other LED panels have a brightness of about 3000 Lux.

Are the LED panels dimmable?

You can choose the dimmable transformer with 150 VA. This requires downloading the Casambi app on the phone for use.

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