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Easy frame hanging

Hanging frames as wall decoration with Artiteq's flexible hanging systems

Tips & inspiration

Decorating your walls with a cosy Gallery Wall or with some beautiful frames? Whatever you hang on your wall is the perfect way to give your home personality and style. But how do you get started? Luckily, we at Artiteq have come up with a host of solutions to make hanging your artworks as easy as possible! With our innovative hanging systems, hanging frames becomes a piece of cake. In this blog, we share some tips and tricks for easily hanging frames on your wall with Artiteq.

Choose the right hanging system

It all starts with choosing the right hanging system. We will help you choose which system best suits you and your home! Depending on the style of your interior but also your hanging requirements, you decide which painting hanging system suits you best. At Artiteq, we offer different types of hanging systems, such as the Click Rail, the Contour Rail, the Deco Rail and the Up Rail.

Click Rail
Do you want your hanging system to be invisible and blend into your interior? Then choose the Click Rail. The Click Rail is a sleek and timeless flexible hanging system that is mounted once on the wall. Because you mount the rail against the ceiling, it becomes almost invisible. Especially if you choose the white primer variant. This variant of the Click Rail is paintable! So paint it in the same colour as your wall and see how it blends into your interior!

Up Rail

Do you have a rental property where it is not possible to drill into the wall? Then the Up Rail is for you! The Up Rail attaches securely to the ceiling using clips and the round shape of the rail fills the space between the wall and ceiling. By sliding or clicking the suspension wires into the rail, walls can be arranged flexibly and without damaging the wall. That means, endless changing and moving of the wall decorations! And that without drilling into your wall.

NL kleurrijke woonkamer met een lijst opgehangen aan de Up Rail van Artiteq
NL close up van de Up Rail van Artiteq
NL kleurrijke lijsten hangen aan de Up Rail van Artiteq

Creative with compositions

One of the biggest advantages all hanging systems from Artiteq is the flexibility to easily customise your compositions. Experiment with different layouts and heights until you achieve the perfect look for your space.

Tired of the initial set-up again – no problem! At least, with Artiteq that’s not a problem. Whatever hanging system you choose, you change your set-up easily, quickly and as often as you want. This way, you make sure your space always stays fresh, inspiring and up-to-date!

NL roze muur met lijsten als gallery wall opgehangen aan het flexibele ophangsysteem van Artiteq
NL gallery wall in de woonkamer van pastel tinten
NL man die lijsten ophangt aan een Artiteq schilderij ophangysteem

Tips for hanging frames in special situations

Not every house is the same, and we understand that at Artiteq. Perhaps the wall on which you want to hang your frames is sloped? Or you live in a rented house where you are not allowed to drill into the wall at all. Fortunately, there are handy tips and tricks to make the process easier. For those who prefer not to drill, Artiteq has come up with innovative solutions.

And what if you’re dealing with a sloping wall? Consider using adjustable hanging systems that adjust to the angle of the wall, keeping your paintings and photos hanging perfectly straight.

Enjoy your personalised space

With your frames securely hung on the wall with Artiteq hanging systems, you can now enjoy your personalised space. Whether you go for that gallery wall, want to highlight a single piece of art or display photos of treasured moments and memories, Artiteq makes it easy and stylish!

In short, hanging frames on your wall doesn’t have to be a complicated task. With Artiteq picture hanging systems, you can effortlessly create a professional look and transform your home into a personal gallery. Get started and discover the ease of hanging frames with Artiteq.

NL lijsten aan de muur als gallery wall
NL hangplanten en lijst met een poster aan de wand
NL woonkamer met meerdere lijsten en kunstwerken aan de wand