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Bring spring into your home with these 3 tips

3 tips for Spring wall decor on a picture hanging system

Tips & inspiration

Spring has begun! The sun is shining, the birds are singing and the first leaves are starting to appear. Get the Spring in your home with these 3 inspiration tips with our picture hanging system. Because yes, only with a painting hanging system you can flexibly arrange your walls, move / change frames and spare your wall from holes.

1. Cheerful prints and posters

Our hanging systems were first invented for hanging frames and paintings flexibly and without damaging the wall. Nowadays, there are so many other fun wall decorations you can hang up thanks to the wide range of accessories (read the 2 inspiration tips below). But back to spring for a moment. The ideal thing about a painting hanging system is that you can keep changing frames, posters and paintings. In height, in numbers and as a place on the wall. Choose a few cheerful, colorful spring prints and hang them on your wall. Immediately a fresh and very different atmosphere in your home.

Go for multiple frames together and create an art wall / gallery wall. Even with our system this is easy to do. Choose the 1mm hanging wire for small frames. Tips on how to counter the tilting of the frames is helpful when creating an art wall.

NL werkruimte planten en lijsten aan muur
NL gallery wall

2. Flowers and plants

Everyone thinks of flowers when they think of spring. Daffodils, snowdrops, blue grapes, crocuses, tulips and more. Get spring flowers into your home and not only put them on the table but also hang them on your wall with the Botaniq hanging flowerpot. In this hanging flowerpot fits a 10cm pot. Ideal for yellow daffodils, blue grapes or crocuses.

The Botaniq is attached to two transparent perlon suspension wires 1mm thick to the painting hanging system. Determine the height of your Botaniq and create a playful effect with several together. The Botaniq hanging flower pot can only be hung in combination with an Artiteq painting suspension system. The Botaniq is available in two colors: white and green. Which color will you go for?

3. Blossom and Easter branches

Last year we were surprised with a beautiful Easter branch on the wall, hung with and on our painting hanging system. It shows once again that a picture hanging system is and can be much more. Get creative with blossom branches and Easter branches. Because who thinks of spring, also thinks of Easter!

For this creative Easter Branch, the Loop Maker accessory was used to hang the Easter Branch. An ideal accessory for when you can’t use a hook.

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