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Start the new school year smartly and efficiently!

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The new school year is about to start! Not only the children prepare for a new school year with a new backpack, school supplies or sneakers. The schools, the teachers and teachers also prepare well for the arrival of the (new) children in their classrooms. Classrooms are cleaned in advance, walls emptied and new teaching materials hung. Before you know it, the walls are once again full of drawings, crafts and teaching materials. But as a school or teacher, how do you keep the classroom “tidy” and can you hang drawings and crafts in a neat yet flexible way? Within education, the Info Rail is already widely used because it offers an ideal solution for presenting documents in a flexible and tidy way. Read below which Artiteq products are indispensable in the classroom.

Info Rail – indispensable classroom hanging system

For a little “order in the classroom” and an attractive but above all flexible presentation of all children’s work and drawings, the Info Rail is the ideal presentation system for this. It makes it possible to present drawings on the wall in an organized manner. A one-time assembly means an investment for years. After all, the walls remain undamaged. Thumbtacks and adhesive tape become unnecessary for the wall.

The children’s created drawings as well as teaching materials are easily fixed in the rail. Thanks to the two-way plastic clamping in the rail, paper from 80 grams up to cardboard with a thickness of 2 mm remains clamped in the rail. Choose the Info Rail Magnetic to hang your own drawings on the front of the rail.

NL tekeningen ophangen
NL schoolklas naamkaartje tekening

Accessories for the Info Rail

There’s a lot of crafting and drawing going on at school. From homemade spider to a colorful boat made from an old toilet roll or ice sticks. Beautiful crafts which the children are proud of and which deserve a nice place to be presented. Artiteq offers various handy and smart accessories for the Info Rail to make presenting these crafts possible.

Crafts can be hung on the Clip Hanger or used to store headphones. Personalize the works with the Me-clip on which you can write the child’s name and place it where the drawing hangs. The homemade spider or the colorful boat made from an old toilet roll are shown off to their best advantage on the Support Clip – a handy little shelf that is clicked onto the Info Rail. Also great for reading books. Do you have pens, markers or pencils that need to be put away? The Storage Clip provides the solution.

All mentioned accessories can be easily and securely attached to the Info Rail and Info Rail Magnetic and also flexibly moved along the rail. Available in white and black.

NL tekeningen ophangen met naamkaartje

Versatile wall-mounted presentation system

With the Info Rail + you are all set for a versatile presentation system for drawings, lesson cards or reading books in one go. The 6cm wide surface on top of the rail makes it quick to display reading books, crafts or other wonderful works of art by the children. The drawings or teaching materials are easily inserted at the bottom of the rail.

NL schoolboeken opruimen Info Rail plus door meisje
NL schoolklas plankje boeken en robot