NL groot kleurrijk wandkleed aan muur

7 fun wall ideas for inspiration

What do I hang on the wall? Read the 7 fun wall ideas

Tips & inspiration

It is an age-old question: what do I hang on the wall? Have you just moved in, are you moving in together or is your newly built house finished – then it’s time to start decorating your house and your walls. Super fun! Of course paintings and frames are great ideas for your wall. But did you know that there is much more to hang on your wall and that with a painting hanging system? Here we give you 7 fun wall ideas for inspiration and what all with our hanging system and accessories can be hung neatly and safely.

Wall idea 1: Tapestry

Brighten up your empty wall with a large tapestry. A tapestry is just a bit different than a painting, poster or frame. Because they are usually made of fabric, it creates a soft and peaceful atmosphere in your home. An additional advantage is that a tapestry often also has acoustic benefits!

A tapestry can be hung neatly and tightly with our Magazine Rail. The name doesn’t give it away, but this rail fits many tapestries neatly in the hem at the top. Adjust the tapestry to the right height and it hangs beautifully on your wall!

Wall idea 2: Plants

A vertical garden on your wall! Heerlijk die Urban Jungle vibe in huis. Create a fun setting with multiple types of planters on your wall. Variate the size and type of plant. The hanging plants provide a real green boost to your interior. You can of course make your own plant hanger from macramé or a leather pendant. Or go for the hanging flowerpot Botaniq which is specially designed for our painting hanging system. Available in white and green.

For fun, flexible but also safe hanging of your plants on our system we recommend the Twister Hook or our Loop Maker.

NL wandkleed kleurrijk zwarte kat
NL groot zwart wit wandkleed
NL groot wandkleed met vrouw aan muur
NL plantjes aan muur met schilderij wit interieur
NL plantje en kleed aan muur hangen
NL witte planten in Botaniq aan muur met bloemprit rond paneel

Wall idea 3: decorative plates

Decorative plates on the wall is an enduring living trend. Go for an entire wall with signs in the same shades or choose smaller settings of 5 or 7 signs together. The signs can easily be hung with a bordhange on our hanging hooks and wires.

Wall idea 4: baskets

How nice a set of wicker baskets in the nursery! Very handy to store some toys, diaper wipes or cuddly toys. It provides the same cheerful and playful effect in the room.

Would you like to hang the baskets on our painting suspension system? Then use the Loop Maker.

NL borden aan muur hangen wit interieur
NL Borden aan muur hangen blauwe stoel
NL kinderkamer mandjes aan aapjes behang

Wall idea 5: mirrors

A mirror is obviously a must in any interior. You can find one in every room. It not only looks beautiful and is convenient but also enlarges the space. Large, small, in various sizes combined with frames.

NL zolderkamer met spiegel en plantje aan muur
NL slaapkamer met ronde spiegels aan muur
NL ronde spiegels aan muur

Wall idea 6: personal art wall

A wall full of fun frames and finds is a great way to make your home personal. Think of vacation souvenirs, special photos or beautiful old or contemporary works of art. Combine smaller objects with larger ones. Mix materials, shapes and art expressions with each other to make it an exciting, interesting but above all personal whole.

Did you know that you can also easily hang the wall decorations underneath each other with our hanging wires and hooks?

Wall idea 7: pinboards and card rack

Another way to add a personal touch to your interior is with a pinboard or card rack. These are not only very atmospheric on your wall but also very handy. You swap the vacation snaps for a beautifully made drawing of your child or a beautiful dried flower. Mix and match!

NL gallery wall boven tv kast
NL rond prikbord aan muur
NL wit wandrek aan muur met fotos

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