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3 ideas for hanging children’s drawings on the wall

3 fun ideas for hanging children's drawings beautifully in your home

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Hanging children’s drawings beautifully in your home. Every parent is proud of their child’s schoolwork and crafts. But how do you give the children’s drawings a nice spot in the house without it looking messy in the interior? With these 3 tips for hanging children’s drawings on the wall, you can give the coloring drawings and other crafts a stylish and responsible place.


Artiteq offers several hanging systems and solutions that are great for presenting drawings. These hanging systems provide a neat and tidy solution that fits into any interior or space. When using a picture rail / hanging system, the Picture Mouse is a nice addition to quickly and easily hang up drawings but also cards or photos. You screw this magnetic wire into the rail at the desired location. With the magnets you attach the drawings to the wire.

NL tekening aan picture mouse in kinderkamer
NL tekening aan picture mouse in kinderkamer


The (living) kitchen is a common place in the house where the kids’ crafts and drawings are hung. The refrigerator door is used a lot. But what about a system where you can also put your shopping list on? The Info Rail is a great solution! This versatile presentation system is mounted directly on the wall and can be cut to any length. Drawings are simply clipped into the Info Rail. And with the recent expansion of accessories for the Info Rail, that clay craft can now be added too!

NL Info Rail ophangsysteem met kindertekeningen in keuken
NL kinder knutsels ophangen


If you have a narrow wall or a small space that is perfect for displaying children’s drawings, the Card Rail is the solution. This vertical rail is attached directly to the wall, just like the Info Rail. The nice thing about this rail is that the drawings can be pushed in on both sides. And the front is equipped with a magnetic strip. Let the kids draw and color!

NL tekeningen aan Card Rail in kinderkamer
NL tekeningen aan Card Rail in kinderkamer