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The use of flexible hanging systems fits perfectly in sustainable building management strategies. The one-time investment in hanging systems yields many long-term benefits: ease-of-use and flexibility in the safe hanging and easy changing of pictures and wall decorations, and the proper maintenance of the walls in your building (no more drill holes and cost savings). Artiteq offers suitable solutions for hanging systems used in the care and educational sector, and at offices, museums and galleries (references).

Check out our new brochure with our product solutions for schools:

Product specialist in hanging system concepts

As a specialist in hanging systems, Artiteq has a broad range of solutions for buildings and institutions:

  • Picture hanging systems for walls and ceilings
  • Picture hanging systems with lighting
  • Display systems: hanging systems for documents, presentations, etc.
  • Solo hanging systems

Picture hanging systems:

  • Sustainable building management

    cost savings

  • No more damaged walls

    one-time investment/assembly

  • Flexibility and user-friendly

    easy to adjust and modify

  • Multifunctional

    suitable for a variety of wall decorations

  • Strong and reliable

    long life

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