Info Rail

Info Rail – hanging system for documents

Looking for the perfect way to display drawings or posters?

The Info Rail is the ideal display system for displaying cards, posters, drawings and photos on the wall. Thanks to the Info Rail, you can create a tidy, orderly display of your documents. This system means no more damaged walls from thumbtacks, tape and so on, and changing drawings or posters is fast and easy. This hanging system has become particularly indispensable in classrooms and school corridors. The Info Rail is also an ideal system for displaying or sharing information at home and the office.

Easy assembly thanks to clips

The Info Rail has been developed for hanging documents using a triple rubber clamping mechanism in the rail. Paper from 80 g to cardboard 2 mm thick can be firmly clamped into the rail. After mounting the Click & Connect clips to the wall, it’s easy to attach the Info Rail to the clips. Available in lengths of 100, 200 and 300 cm and in white or aluminium,  ithe Info Rail is easy to link to other Info Rails or shortened. Whether you want to display photos or drawings or keep recipes within easy reach, the Info Rail offers the solution.

Info Rail me

With the new Info Rail me we offer an extra functionality to the Info Rail.  The me-clip adds an extra personal and beautifully designed element to the hanging system. The clip can be used as a name tag or even as a personal communication tool. The clips are always adaptable and always keep their 100% quality appearance, no matter how often the clip is used.

Clip Hanger for Info Rail

Lots of drawing and craft activities take place in schools. A handmade spider or a colourful boat made from an old toilet roll and lolly sticks, all centring around a certain season or theme at school. Craft projects that don’t come into their own until they are hung from strings. The children want to proudly display these beautiful handmade items to everyone. But what do you hang them on? The Clip Hanger is a small hook which can easily be attached to the Info Rail.  With a simple click, the Clip Hanger is attached to the Info Rail, allowing the craft project to be hung up. In combination with the me-clip, the children’s creations can be presented in a fun and personal manner,  resulting in proud children!

Check out the Info Rail as part of our solutions for schools in the brochure below. Please click on the image on the right for reference projects with Info Rail. 

  • Flexible

    fast and easy way to display documents

  • Never drill another hole

    one-time assembly, no damaged walls

  • User-friendly

    triple rubber clamping mechanism for documents

  • Multifunctional

    suitable for documents from 80 g to 2 mm thick

  • Strong and reliable

    sleek, functional display system

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