5 kg/m

10 year warranty

Partition wall hook System Flex Interselect

Partition wall hook System Flex and Interselect

System Flex and Interselect partition walls are used to create functional spaces quickly and easily. A partition wall top profile is used for this. Artiteq has developed a 'partition wall hook' especially for these partition wall profiles of System Flex and Interselect, to enable a picture, frame or other wall decoration to be hung on these partition walls. The partition wall hook is easily clicked wherever you please in the partition wall. The Artiteq Twister hanging wires with a thickness of 1 mm and 2 mm are compatible. The partition wall hook has a maximum carrying capacity of 5 kg.

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    Flexiblehang and move quickly and easily

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    Mutifunctionalsuitable for a variety of wall decorations

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    Preservation of wallswall or ceiling mounting

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    User-Friendlyone time installation

Hooks for partition walls

An inspirational workspace is important. Once a space has been created using partition walls, it is important that this workspace is also decorated. A picture, frame, notice board or whiteboard can be hung on partition walls easily and quickly using Artiteq’s specially designed partition wall hook. The partition wall hook and Twister hanging wire are attached to the partition wall wherever you please. The Artiteq hook is attached to the hanging wire and adjusted to the required height. The picture or the frame can now be hung without damaging the partition walls.

In addition to the partition wall hook for System Flex and Interselect partition walls, Artiteq also offers a partition wall hook for Obimex partition walls.

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