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A look inside the home of interior stylist Susanne Nieuwenhuis

Making plans, collecting ideas and finally starting the renovation of our home where we now live for almost 7 years. This time a bigger project than all the previous small projects like just painting a wall or a fun DIY project for the house. A new kitchen asked for a new floor and our dining table did not fit well anymore. And then one thing led to another and we almost got a whole new interior.

Upgrading our wall

We were ready and grateful as I was, I still thought our wall could use an upgrade. For years I have enjoyed a piece of wallpaper with many colorful flowers, a true eye-catcher upon entry. Yet I went – without even discussing it with my husband – in search of a different wallpaper! I quickly came across a beautiful wallpaper and of course it didn’t take long before I had these beautiful rolls in my home. I was soon able to convince my husband this time, as he also thought the wallpaper was a nice addition. It felt like the icing on the cake!

After a tough wallpaper job, I couldn’t help but look at the new wall… How beautiful it turned out! All the frames and posters that I have collected in the last few years were taken out and I chose suitable posters for the wall. But now what? Drill holes in this beautiful wallpaper! My husband knows me by now and knows that things are changed regularly, so he immediately guaranteed me that there would only be one drilling in the wall. Drilling? No! Changing frequently? Yes!

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Handy picture hanging system

Then the Artiteq system came along and I knew immediately, this is what we need! A hanging system for paintings and wall decorations.

Soon we received the rails and accompanying materials and we could start. We chose 10 meters of Click Rail in the colour RAL9010, the same colour as our ceiling. The hanging system is shown to its best advantage if you extend the rail throughout the room, so that it becomes a beautiful whole. The rails are mounted on the wall and against the ceiling and the separate rails of 2 meters can be placed against each other. Soon my new hanging system was hanging, superfine!

Then you have many different possibilities with regard to hanging paintings and other wall decorations. By sliding the transparent threads (1mm or 2mm) with different hooks into the rails, you can change in no time! Ideal to not be tied to a particular composition on the wall and to be able to change whenever you want.

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Regulary changing frames to a vertical garden

And a great addition to this hanging system is the Botaniq! A hanging flowerpot that can be attached to the rails by 2 x 1mm perlon wires. Because of the wires and the fastening system on the flowerpot, the height is easy to adjust and the mechanism ensures that the pot hangs nicely straight against the wall. I love greenery in my home, so you can imagine how happy I was to be able to add these beautiful pots to my interior. After all the plants I have in the house, now I also have more green on the wall!

So if, like me, you regularly change things around the house, then you’ll probably recognize the happiness I feel with the addition of Artiteq to my home. A very nice way to style the walls differently. For now we’re done in the living room, but the subtle changes in the house and on the wall will of course continue!

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