Gallery Line

Strong and reliable Museum / Gallery / Exposition concept

The Gallery Line is a specially developed compact and universal concept for the safe, reliable and easy hanging of (extra) heavy art and paintings in a museum, gallery or for a (temporary) exhibition. The compact concept consists of two rail systems: a built-in rail, a robust 2.5mm steel wire with a Cliq2fix Twister head and a reliable hook with a maximum load capacity of 70kg. The surface mount rail is used for wall mounting and the recessed rail for wall mounting between drywall or wall finishes. With the built-in rail it is integrated with the wall. Both rail systems are compatible with all Artiteq hanging wires, which offers an advantage when smaller (lighter) artwork is hung alternately. The entire Artiteq 2mm and 1mm hanging wire range can be directly attached to the Gallery Line.

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    strong & reliable2,5mm Twister Cliq2fix steelwire

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    70 kg hook safety & auto lock function

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    Versitle rail systemcompatible with all Artiteq hanging wires

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    Universal Dutch Design conceptfor Museum, Gallery or an Exhibition

Strong wire and reliable hook

Specially for the Gallery Line, a strong 2,5mm steelwire with Twister Clic2fix mechanisme is chosen to hang the art. The Twister Cliq2fix mechanism ensures that the steelwire is securely fixed to the rail. Making it still able to place the Twister steelwire at any desired position along the rail. In addition, the hook is equipped with a safety and security lock. Heavy works of art and paintings can be hung reliably with the Gallery Line.

The Gallery Line rails are designed in a way that make them compabitle with all our other Artiteq hanging wires. Ensuring a safe hanging and the possibility to hang less heavy art work as well.

Gallery Line - wall mounted

The wall-mounted rail of the Gallery Line is mounted on the wall and can installed flush against the ceiling. This makes the rail less conspicuous and it blends in, as it were, with the wall.  The Gallery Line wall-mounted rail has unequalled flexibility, design, elegance and invisibility as well as ease of use. The rail is neatly fitted with a cover to give it a sleek and designer look. Flexibility and ease of use thanks to the compatibility of the rail with all Artiteq hanging wires.

The rail consists of two parts: the rail itself and the cover. When assembling, the rail is mounted first, then the cover is clicked on it.

Watch the installation video

Gallery Line - integrated with wall / ceiling

For construction and renovation projects, the Gallery Line integrated rail system has been developed to be built in between plasterboard or wall finishes during construction or renovation. The big advantage is that the rail becomes less visible and is more one with the wall. Maintaining tight walls that can always be flexibly arranged. Flexibility and ease of use thanks to the compatibility of the rail with all Artiteq hanging wires.

Watch the installation video