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Create your own perfect workspace with these 4 tips

Because working from home is the new normal

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Working from home is the new normal. Even after COVID, a large proportion of employers wish to continue with a combination of remote work and office time for their employees. This is known as “hybrid working”. And now that remote working may be something that many people do every week, it is important to create a special and pleasant workplace for yourself within your home. But how do you ensure that your workspace is as pleasant and functional as possible, so that working from home becomes an effective and enjoyable experience? Read more and be inspired by the many possibilities!

#1 Furnish your workspace effectively and flexibly

Many people find it difficult to organise and sort out their workspace properly. It’s therefore easy to lose sight of the overall picture, and there is a greater risk of mislaying (important) documents. A tidy workspace has various advantages; it increases your performance, improves your ability to resolve problems and you will work more efficiently! It also reduces stress and ensures the security of all your (important) documents. Create a workspace where you can quickly and simply see, use and easily switch important documents, to-do lists, schedules, rosters, etc. from your office chair. We have a number of tools which can help you to organise your workspace.

The Info Rail is an ideal tool that will help organize your workplace. This suspension system, a rail mounted directly on the wall, ensures that your work documents and to-do list are neatly and tidily displayed on the wall. Combine it with a nice picture of your family or an atmospheric postcard or an inspiring saying. Quickly and easily attach the desired papers to the rail. There are also a number of accessories that complement the Info Rail, such as the Support Clip, which allows you to place a plant on the rail, or the Storage Clip for storing your pens and markers.

Do you have a lot of meetings or do you like to work on a Whiteboard during a brainstorming session? Whiteboards or a pinboard are good to hang on the painting suspension systems of Artiteq. Artiteq has developed a suspension system especially for whiteboards, so that your whiteboard hangs safely but also flexibly on the picture hanging rail. The whiteboard can be moved to the desired spot on the wall and can be adjusted in height. A nice addition are the creative whiteboards. These combine the functionality of a whiteboard with a playful design such as a ‘thinking cloud’ or ‘talking cloud’.

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#2 Make your workspace inspirational and pleasant

As well as choosing a good desk and comfortable chair, it is also important to create a pleasant and inviting workspace where you feel comfortable. A home workspace doesn’t have to only look like “an office”. Because the more at home you feel in your workspace, the better you can work. This makes you more creative, more effective, more productive and therefore more successful!  Style your workspace with things that make you happy! Create, for example, an inspiration wall, hang nice plants on it, or personalise your workspace with different types of accessories.

#3 A personal invironment

A personal touch makes you feel safe and secure. Therefore collect various types of accessories which make you feel happy. For example, photos, cards, pictures, images with inspirational quotes, the possibilities are endless! These personal items can be hung in plain sight in a creative and original way with our Click Rail picture hanging system. Use the Picture Mouse for various photos or beautiful postcards. This magnetic cord can be clicked into the picture hanging system in no time.

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#4 A healty environment

You spend, of course, a lot of time in your home workspace. Therefore, make sure that you place a number of plants around your room. Did you know that plants have a positive effect on your health? Plants purify the air and improve the air quality. They make you feel relaxed and at ease whilst working. The Botaniq allows you to easily and flexibly hang your plants. It is an attractive, trendy plant pot, available in white and green, which you can install against your wall in combination with our hanging systems (which require once-only mounting). This is also a fantastically useful solution when you don’t have much space to arrange things, such as your plants. In addition to the Botaniq, we have two other options for hanging your plants:Loop maker and Twister Hook.

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