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The black trend

Dare you take the plunge?

Consigli e ispirazioni

A striking home décor trend is the colour black in the interior, a colour that, in recent years, has gained in popularity and remains on-trend today! Black is a defining and daring colour. On the one hand, black can be an extremely dominant colour, but on the other hand, it can actually be very modest. This depends on how you combine the colour within your interior.

Black is hip!

From black walls, black furniture, to completely black kitchens or living rooms. We have seen it all! You could, for example, show the beautiful contrast between black and white and make your modern interior streamlined and clean. White walls are often combined with black furniture and black accessories. Have you just had a new black kitchen installed? A black kitchen is extremely stylish and suits many different interiors! Or perhaps you would prefer a totally black interior?

With this trend, don’t just give thought to combining the colour black with furniture, floors or window decorations, but also your wall decorations! Because what will you decorate your walls with?

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Hang stylish wall decorations safely

In addition to this hip trend, stylish and safe hanging of pictures, photo frames and/or other wall decorations, using a good hanging system is essential in your home! Not everyone immediately thinks of a hanging system when hanging wall decorations, whilst this actually offers numerous benefits! Hang and move your wall decorations in a safe, easy and flexible way without damaging walls.

Our Click Rail is a flexible hanging system that requires once-only hanging on the wall, and this system is available in a fully black finish. From the rails to the hanging wires! Join this trend safely and combine your black interior with the black Click Rail. Choose, for example, to incorporate the rails into your interior, or perhaps use them to make a striking statement with the other black tones.

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Discover the possibilities

You decide where and how high or low your wall decoration will be hung. You retain the flexibility at all times to arrange your walls in a way to suit your wishes at that time.

Therefore style and restyle as you please!

The advantages:
✔ User-friendly due to the once-only mounting
✔ Multifunctional through the many possibilities of wall decorations
✔ Flexible, allowing you to easily and quickly hang wall decorations
✔ Flush against the ceiling by mounting the rail to the wall against the ceiling

Hanging wall decorations and arranging your walls can be done in various ways. Let us fill you with inspiration with a range of options for each room in your house; download the brochure here.

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