Create a cheerful and fresh wall in your home!

Our days will soon be full of sunshine and beautiful daffodils and tulips are growing all around us. This can only mean one thingit’s spring! And of course when spring arrives, you want to embrace it immediately. Those spring jitters make you want to radically change the décor within your home, because that wintery décor really needs brightening up! Let a fresh spring breeze blow through your interior and mix & match new colours and spring accessories. In this blog we give various tips on how to bring spring into your home with the latest trends, creating a cheerful and fresh wall in your home. Our hanging systems allow you to hang all sorts of wall decorations on your walls in an easy, safe and flexible way, without damaging the wall. Style and restyle your walls as often as you please, easily updating your interior according to the seasons!


Are you also a huge fan of wicker and rattan accessories? If so, this trend is perfect for you! Bring the warmth of nature indoors by combining natural materials with fresh tones and accessories that nature gives us. This will create a calm, soft and ambient interior. Hang all kinds of accessories on our picture hanging systems using our hanging wires and hooks and Loop Maker.

TIP 1. Wicker, rattan and cotton accessories in your home 

Introduce a natural ambience to your interior with accessories made from natural materials. As well as creating a stylish and calm feeling, these materials are also sustainable. There are lots of super cool accessories made from natural materials that you can hang on your wall. Accessories made from wicker, wood, rattan and bamboo. For example:

♡  Wooden wall panels with prints
♡  Woven wicker wall discs
♡  Bamboo fans
♡  Rattan mirrors

You could also hang 100% cotton, jute or seagrass wall hangings. Make sure you choose cheerful flower prints or abstract earth hues to make your interior totally spring-proof!

Tip 2. Accessories of plumes, feathers & dried flowers

Hang nature-inspired elements on your wall to radiate the purity and mellowness of nature. Use products that nature gives us, such as plumes of pampas grass, dried flowers and feathers. They are available in a wide variety of fresh spring colours. Then mix and match them with one another and display them in different small vases. Use the Loop Maker to hang the vases in combination with one of our picture hanging systems.

TIP 3. Ceramic and clay accessories

Round and organic shapes, reminiscent of objects and elements from nature, also create a natural spring ambience. Choose organically shaped accessories, made from natural materials, such as clay and ceramic.

♡  Wall plates made from clay with prints of (dried) flowers and plants
♡  Ceramic wall plates and tiles with flower, plant and animal prints

Inspirational photos with these three tips


This trend involves adding colour to the interior, colours with light and natural hues, which are the perfect colours for bringing spring into your home. When getting tips for adding colour to your interior, photo frames on your walls are a must! Spring colours, flowers, plants, animals, etc., can be displayed in wall-mounted photo frames in countless ways. Create a photo wall by hanging photo frames on your wall in a variety of sizes, containing fresh and light images. This will bring the cheerful and vibrant ambience of spring into your home. Don’t be afraid to combine all kinds of different colours, but make sure that the various elements work well together.

Tip 4. Posters with spring prints and designs

Posters can show a wide variety of prints and designs which create the ultimate spring feeling. Think about colours, images, texts, etc. You could, for example, hang posters with the following prints to create that ultimate spring feeling:

♡   Natural shapes of flowers, plants, trees and animals
♡  Abstract and modern designs with flowery, fresh or soft hues
♡  Texts and quotes about spring, to welcome its arrival

Tip 5. Posters with pastel colours

Dark colours be gone! To bring spring into your home, light and fresh colours are a must. We are getting more and more excited about those long bright days, and this really must be reflected in your décor. That’s why you should choose pastel-coloured posters, that fit in perfectly with the spring. Pale pink, lilac, pale blue, soft yellow, mint green and earthy hues are perfect for a fresh spring interior. You can cluster different posters and pastel colours to create an even fresher effect!

Inspirational photos with these two tips


In addition to natural materials and colours, this trend allows you to bring nature indoors with flowers and plants. They create that ultimate spring feeling. You can never have too many flowers and plants in your home, because nothing is as nice as the smell of fresh flowers! As well as adding to the ambience and improved air quality indoors, you literally bring nature, and therefore spring, into your home.

TIP 6. Hang up plants and flowers

There are various ways of hanging plants and flowers on your walls. You could, for example, use the Botaniq hanging plant pot to hang plants and flowers. This is a plant pot with soft, rounded shapes which is available in white and green. In the photo above, influencer @Prachtig88 has painted the white Botaniq hanging pots, which is a great idea! Cluster several pots together for a fun effect. Fill the pots with spring plants, such as the Spathiphyllum and the Anthurium or flowers like snowdrops and crocuses. You could also perhaps hang different tiny vases filled with small cheerful flowers or spring twigs such as magnolia or blossom sprays. You can easily hang these vases using the Loop Maker.

TIP 7. Hang accessories of dried flowers

Dried flowers are beautiful, stylish and sustainable. They require very little maintenance and you can enjoy them (almost) infinitely. A wide variety of dried flowers are available, because almost every flower or variety of grass can be dried. To specifically bring that spring feeling into your home, choose flowers that grow during the spring period. Flowers such as Roses, Peonies, Agapanthus, Craspedias, Stocks, Wax flowers, Solidagos and Ranonkels. You can use the dried flowers in different ways for decoration:

♡  Place different dried flowers in vases
♡  Cluster several frames containing different dried flowers
♡  Create a beautiful wreath using a variety of dried flowers

Hang these accessories on the Loop Maker and mount these on the Click Rail hanging system.

Inspirational photos with these two tips


In this blog we give a number of tips on how to bring spring into your home with various accessories. New wall decorations allow you to breathe new life into your walls. Create a new look in your living room instantaneously and exude spring! You can then enjoy springtime both indoors and outdoors. If after reading these tips, you’re still finding it difficult to create a springtime interior, we work with a number of interior stylists who love to inspire you with their Instagram pages. Sneak a peek at the pages @Missterieur, @Casa_mi_su, @Huisjeboompjeliefde, @Prachtig88 and @Lieks_home.