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Make your interior sustainable: 5 sustainable materials to adorn your walls

This year, the interior trend of sustainability continues to play an important role within our homes. More and more people are choosing recycled materials. This is also expressed in the use of sustainable and natural materials. These materials create a pleasant, warm and cosy ambience in your home, but they also contribute to a better environment! In this blog we show you which natural and sustainable materials you can use, and how you can hang them on your walls at home. We have different hanging systems that are perfect for the job. These hanging systems mean that your walls are not damaged and you can change your accessories as often as you wish. Read on and be inspired!


Give accessories a second life and add an ambient vintage touch to your interior, using previously loved wall decorations. You could, of course, search for these online through different websites for second-hand items, but you could also simply visit a local charity shop or flea market. This will prevent these materials ending up in landfill and, as you aren’t buying new products, no new raw materials have to be used. Not only that, but vintage items in your interior are unique and special – that’s why it’s even more fun to use them!


As well as shopping at second-hand stores, you can support sustainability by buying new but responsibly sourced materials. Wall decorations made from, for example, glass, plexiglass, reed, bamboo, cane, jute and FSC wood, which is wood that is a residual product. Or how about accessories made from cork? Of wat dacht je van decoraties van kurk?


Jute is a natural material that lasts for ages. Another benefit of this material is that it is recyclable. You could, for example, hang decorative jute wall plates, mirrors, pictures or wall hangings.

EN jute rug as wall decoration on the click rail suspension system
ES jute basket as wall decoration on the click rail suspension system


Photos create a cosy and personal interior. Make a sustainable choice and use photo frames made from the sustainable material plexiglass instead of conventional glass. It is stronger than glass and therefore lasts longer. The material looks just like glass, but it weighs less and is easier to use.

ES wooden frames with plexiglass on the click rail suspension system in the living room
ES plexiglass frame on the wall


Bamboo, cane and reed are increasingly used instead of accessories made from wood and plastic. These are extremely strong and flexible materials. All three give your interior a warm and relaxed look. They are also immensely sustainable. Therefore enjoy mixing and matching!

ES rattan mirrors as wall decoration on the click rail hanging system in bedgroom
ES wicker hat as wall decoration on the click rail hanging system in diningroom


These are inexpensive and cork is also sustainable. But how do you use this material in your interior? Hang cork as a decoration on your walls and, at the same time, use it as a bulletin board. It will make your walls look great and they will be functional too!

ES cork bulletin boards on the wall in home office
EN cork bulletin boards on the click rail suspension system in the living room


Go for a beautiful, natural look with wooden wall decorations. Wood is a strong material that is easy to maintain. Wood also fits perfectly in a sustainable interior, provided you choose the right type of wood. When buying wood, bear the following in mind:

♡ Buy wall decorations made from wood with FSC or PEFC certification.
♡ Buy wooden wall decorations that are produced locally. Trees are chopped down in the city, that would otherwise be shredded.
♡ Pay attention to the lifespan of the wood that you buy. Because when wood lasts longer, the forests have more time to recover. These will all be listed online.
♡ Avoid compressed wood, such as MDF and chipboard.

ES wooden frames on the wall with the click rail hanging systemin the livingroom
Es wooden mirror on the wall with the click rail hanging system in the living room


Would you also like to live sustainably? Get started at home using our tips (above) about the use of sustainable materials. There are endless choices, enabling you to mix and match different wall decorations. Combine the sustainable wall decoration with our Click Rail hanging system. You are then being ultra-sustainable because this hanging system ensures that walls are not damaged when you want to hang something. This means you can change wall decorations whenever you get the urge. Therefore, style and restyle as often as you like! Combine the Click Rail with our different hanging hooks and wires. Enjoy yourself!

ES hanging a wicker basket with dried flowers on a click rail hanging system in bedroom
ES hanging a wooden frame on a click rail hanging system in living room