Xpo Rail / Panel Grip

Xpo Rail / Panel Grip

Xpo Rail – ideal for hanging signage

The Xpo Rail is ideal for hanging signage and advertising materials from the ceilings in rooms.  In combination with the Artiteq Solid Slider hanging wires and Panel Grips, panels made from different materials, with a thickness of between 1 and 4 mm, can be hung from the ceiling. The Xpo Rail is attached using clips onto which the rail is firmly clicked.

The Xpo Rail is designed to be attached to the ceiling in open spaces. Therefore, for reasons of safety, only Solid Slider hanging wires are advised in combination with this rail.


Panel Grip – allowing easy hanging

The Panel Grip is a small black clamp which can be attached to the steel wires, allowing hanging signage and advertising materials to be hung up easily and neatly. In just 5 steps, the Panel Grip attaches the required sign firmly to the ceiling!

  • Flexible

    Change content easily and quickly

  • User-friendly

    one-time assembly

  • Multifunctional

    suitable for signing all around a building

  • Strong and reliable

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