Imagine It

Imagine It

Stylish and practical

Exclusive, newly designed hanging concept: IMAGINE IT

Where presentation systems are concerned, you often have just one choice. Functionality or aesthetics. That’s tricky because you’d actually prefer both. But the systems you can choose from have been conceived either from a practical point of view, or they exude beauty, making usage too restrictive.

That is why Artiteq has devised the exclusive, newly designed hanging concept: IMAGINE IT. Presentation becomes part of the interior. Stylish and practical. Perfect.

The IMAGINE IT hanging system is a fusion of functionality and aesthetics. It is also extremely versatile as you can choose from two concepts and three different lengths.

Imagine IT magazines 

Just imagine. A beautiful office, tranquil and inspiring. A pleasant place where individuals can work energetically because there is a perfect balance between tranquillity and creativity. There is space for people to retreat to and focus on their work. And when necessary, the environment prompts them to take a fresh look.

This is the atmosphere that you want to create and you can do this with IMAGINE IT magazines. IMAGINE IT magazines is a dynamic hanging system that injects more colour and energy into ordinary workplaces. This new Artiteq concept allows inspirational magazines and trade journals to become part of the office in an appealing way. The great thing about this system is that it is unobtrusive: because of its minimalistic design, IMAGINE IT magazines almost appears to float.

As well as being a presentation system, IMAGINE IT magazines is the fastest and most stylish way of dividing a department into different autonomous workstations. This ensures that a pleasant and open atmosphere is preserved, at the same time allowing sufficient privacy
to enable individuals to focus on their work.

A narrow cable runs along both sides of the IMAGINE IT magazines hanging system which connects the horizontal rails to one another. Through a special mechanism in the end caps, the height of the various magazine rails can be adjusted. This enables a rail to easily be slid upwards or downwards, thereby immediately creating a different look. The rails are available in a 99 cm, 133 cm and 166 cm design, for 3, 4 or 5 magazines. You can also opt for magnetic suspension against a steel wall.

Imagine It Smart Pockets

Information is commonly presented using transparent displays, for example in hospitals, the real estate sector and the travel industry. Nevertheless, the systems are often far from user friendly because the acrylic pockets are difficult to attach and to move around. It is therefore also quite a struggle to change the content. The new Artiteq IMAGINE IT smart pockets system makes things easier for you.

IMAGINE IT smart pockets is the most flexible system for presenting ambient images, documents and product photos. Unleash your imagination and vary the layout and size. The double-sided smart pockets are available in A3 and A4 versions and the rails are height adjustable, immediately giving a different effect. But better still, the system as a whole looks splendid. Streamlined, uncluttered and modern. As well as the practical considerations, IMAGINE IT smart pockets is an extremely aesthetic choice that merges with interior décor and design.

The double-sided smart pockets can easily be clicked into the rail and they have a subtle notch at the side where you can easily change the content. Opt for an A3 or A4 size, or combine both for a more playful result.

  • Flexible

    change the contents of the frame quickly and easily

  • User-friendly

    one-time assembly

  • Multifunctional

    suitable for the display of a variety of documents and magazines

  • Strong and reliable

    professional look

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