10 year warranty

Uni Hanger / Panel Grip

For hanging signage or advertising materials from the ceiling

The Uni Hanger, in combination with the Panel Grips, provides a solution for hanging signage or other advertising materials from the ceiling. The Uni Hanger is attached to the ceiling with plugs and screws and is designed in such a way that every Artiteq Twister hanging wire is suitable for the system. Perlon and steel wire 1-mm and 2-mm hanging wires can be used. The Panel Grips are easily attached to the hanging wire, allowing presentation of panels with a thickness of between 1 and 4 mm.

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    professional presentationfrom wall or ceiling

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    user friendly compatible with Twister hanging wires

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    Strong & reliablemax. capacity 10 kg

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    Warranty10 years

Allowing easy hanging

The Panel Grip is a small black clamp which can be attached to the steel wires, allowing hanging signage and advertising materials to be hung up easily and neatly. In just 5 steps, the Panel Grip attaches the required sign firmly to the ceiling!